James McNaughton: Infinit Athlete & Record Holder

The man, the record holder
Imagine riding on a bicycle at 39 kilometres per hour and now continue at that speed for 12 hours! James McNaughton is a Canadian competitive triathlete turned cyclist from Mississauga, Ontario. Just this past year, on October 26-27, James broke the Men’s Solo 12-Hour course record and won overall at the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships in Borrego Springs, California. In the previous year, James beat the 6-Hour Men’s Solo division course record. Throughout the entire 12-Hour Men’s Solo division race, James maintained an astonishing pace of 38.7 km/hr and won the race with a total distance of 459.6 kilometres in 11:52:02. He beat the previous race record by five minutes held by Andy Jackson in 2017.

Beginning of the journey
It may seem that James has been riding for decades, but this has not been the case. In 2008, at an unhealthy age of 35, McNaughton decided to make a health change. He started off painfully walking up a flight of stairs to his weekly yoga class. When he noticed there was no longer any pain in his knees from going up the stairs, he spontaneously decided to go for a quick jog. Keep in mind, this is a guy who has never ran in his life and ended up running for three kilometres. After his jog, James told a close friend what he did and she immediately entered him into the New York Marathon. From that point forward, James began his journey towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

“Each cell in your body is building towards what you feed it. So if you feed it crap your cells will build crap. “  – James McNaughton

Where did he get his competitive drive from?
When growing up, James witnessed the value of hard work from seeing how hard his mom worked for her family. Through her actions, his mom instilled that instinct of working hard and how no one else was doing that. He also was driven by Michael Jordan’s journey of being cut from his high school basketball team and was driven to be the best from that day forward. By learning from these two individuals, he realized that if you worked in the hard-working spectrum, you would surely succeed and stand above the rest.

What is it about the race?
During a 12 hour time trial, many things run through James' mind, but nothing more so than staying on top of his nutrition plan. Infinit Nutrition Canada fuels him during his races and helps him maintain the intensity needed to perform at the highest level. James says, "I love the competitive drive of the other athletes who are out there with me, willing to sacrifice their bodies to go after the win!"

Advice for the future you

  1. Stick to the training. Trust the process. No matter how bad it gets or how much it hurts and how bad you want to quit. You are just on that cusp of succeeding.
  2. Start taking care of yourself today. Your 10 years from now body will appreciate what your current body is doing.
  3. Whatever you do for as long as you do it determines where and who you will become.

Upcoming in 2019 for James
James is primarily focused on breaking several Guiness World Records later this year. So keep an eye out on James as he continues to ride on his success from 2018.


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